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All About Mouth-Watering French Crepes

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Crepes are as delicious as they are incredibly versatile. From dessert to dinner and breakfast, you can enjoy them all time of the day. Though the assumption isn’t wrong, crepes are one of the foods associated with France. Today, you can find more than 4,000 creperies, crepe stands, or crepe restaurants in France. And just about any list of the favorite desserts of French, These yummy French treats have a spot on any list of the French’s favored desserts.

However, there is more to crepes than their tasty and accessible nature. Crepes are just as rich in deliciousness as they are in tradition, like most foods in France. Let’s dig in if you want to learn more about what is behind French crepes.

What is a Crepe?

If you’re new to the game of crepe, French crepes are pancakes. They are moist and thin and not thick and fluffy, unlike American pancakes. The taste and feel of French crepes are like a hybrid of a pancake, pita bread, and an omelet. 

It hasn’t been the tradition of any French to eat crepes plain. They use just about anything you can imagine to top or fill crepes. They even named the favorite way French people enjoy a crepe after a crepe sprinkled with granulated sugar and covered with melted butter. They also have crepes spread with spreads such as Nutella and different kinds of jam.

It’s another story with the French crepes among the ex-pats and tourists. Their favorite is Nutella crepe, and for good measure, they sometimes want banana slices added into it. There’s also crepes Suzette, a type of crepe dessert. It was at the turn of the 19th century that this elaborate dessert was first prepared. The preparation includes using caramelized sugar to cover a crepe. Also, they add other ingredients like an orange liqueur or orange juice and serve it flambée

How to Eat French Crepes

You can eat French crepes in two ways. Typically, you will have the sides only slightly folded or have them open if you order them at a sit-down restaurant or make them at home. On the other hand, crepes will usually be folded into a cone-like shape with the ingredients inside if you get them from a crepe stand.

Though they can get messy, takeaway crepes are a tasty treat, whether salée or sucrée. When you order something to go with crepes in France, you may typically not get a lot of napkins. As such, ensure that you have some tissue with you or ask for a few extra ones.

Crepes of Paris at Your Doorsteps

Like in the streets in Paris, you can now enjoy crepes with sweet and savory toppings 24 hours a day. With Crepes of Paris, you can now recreate the vibe of the streets of Paris at any time of the day. You can get a timely response of the best of French Cuisine served right in your home by Crepes of Paris in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

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