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Are you planning for a baby shower? There are numerous details to consider. Make sure your event will be a memorable one. From the theme to the decorations, everything must be just right. However, you should choose the best Baby shower catering service that can elevate your baby shower and leave a lasting impression.

Several catering services are out there to choose from. Don’t get confused! This guide will help you in selecting the perfect catering service for a baby shower.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect baby shower catering service to make your event a delicious success.

The Best Baby Shower Catering: Make Your Event A Delicious Success

Usually, catering services are available in different forms. This is why you should choose the right one that suits your event needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Theme and Atmosphere- A catering service should meet the theme of a baby shower event. Be it a casual backyard gathering or a stylish indoor affair, the catering should complement the overall ambiance.

Dietary Restrictions- Consider the dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests. Make sure the catering service can cater to different dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or allergies.

Budget- Set your budget for your baby shower. This will help you narrow down your options and choose the best service provider while avoiding overspending.

Guest Count- Make sure about the number of guests you expect at the baby shower. With it, you can ask for accurate quotes and ensure there is sufficient food for everyone.

Researching Baby Shower Catering Services

Ask for Recommendations- This is the basic step to consider. Ask for a recommendation from any of your known person who has recently hosted events. It can be invaluable.

Online Reviews- You can use search engines and social media platforms to find local catering services. Read reviews and testimonials to measure customer satisfaction.

Visit Their Websites- Browse through their websites to collect more information. Check their menus, pricing and work portfolio.

Now it is the time to make your selection. However, you should compare the pricing, make clear communication and book in advance,

Choosing the best Baby shower catering service is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your event. A professional catering service provides delicious food and makes your event successful. This is where we come in. Visit today!

When we talk about catering to different types of events, there are different options for cuisine that you can consider. As a host of an event, you can also opt for Crepes Catering.

In an event, some people like to serve n actual meal while others will have finger foods that are available. It depends on the type of event, the time of the event, and your budget range. This is where you can hire a professional catering team to serve food. Also, they will clean up after the party is over.

When it comes to crepes especially, they can be filled with a lot of different types of fillings based on what the guest chooses. However, you need to hire a professional team for Crepes Catering that is specializing in this type of catering option. They can put different things in each crepe. Professional caterers have ideas about how much people will eat and plan accordingly. You just give them an accurate count of guests.

When booking a Crepes Catering company, it is important to consider the cost of their services. Make sure you are dealing with the right company that offers an affordable deal.

In addition, every company will have different policies on this though. When hiring a company, make sure they have variety in the food that they serve. Well, thoroughly check their policies as well.

Hosting an event cannot be easy as it involves many things to be prepared prior to making it a great event. Every caterer will serve something different so you need to choose the foods for your event. Usually, a professional caterer will have a large variety including unlimited savory or sweet crepes, omelets, or waffles.

Are you finding a reliable and experienced crepes caterer? We can help you. Our Chefs are highly professional and well-trained, French speakers! We speak French and we interact in French together, bringing even more of the French vibe to your event.

We offer our crepes in 2 different sizes. You can access large crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well as bite-size crepes for cocktail parties, appetizers, in conjunction with any other food station to add a French hint to your party. We typically set up a crepe station with savory and sweet crepes toppings. Our experts will assist you in picking the best crepes combination whatever your event calls for, casual or more formal.
Contact us today!

Crepes are as delicious as they are incredibly versatile. From dessert to dinner and breakfast, you can enjoy them all time of the day. Though the assumption isn’t wrong, crepes are one of the foods associated with France. Today, you can find more than 4,000 creperies, crepe stands, or crepe restaurants in France. And just about any list of the favorite desserts of French, These yummy French treats have a spot on any list of the French’s favored desserts.

However, there is more to crepes than their tasty and accessible nature. Crepes are just as rich in deliciousness as they are in tradition, like most foods in France. Let’s dig in if you want to learn more about what is behind French crepes.

What is a Crepe?

If you’re new to the game of crepe, French crepes are pancakes. They are moist and thin and not thick and fluffy, unlike American pancakes. The taste and feel of French crepes are like a hybrid of a pancake, pita bread, and an omelet. 

It hasn’t been the tradition of any French to eat crepes plain. They use just about anything you can imagine to top or fill crepes. They even named the favorite way French people enjoy a crepe after a crepe sprinkled with granulated sugar and covered with melted butter. They also have crepes spread with spreads such as Nutella and different kinds of jam.

It’s another story with the French crepes among the ex-pats and tourists. Their favorite is Nutella crepe, and for good measure, they sometimes want banana slices added into it. There’s also crepes Suzette, a type of crepe dessert. It was at the turn of the 19th century that this elaborate dessert was first prepared. The preparation includes using caramelized sugar to cover a crepe. Also, they add other ingredients like an orange liqueur or orange juice and serve it flambée

How to Eat French Crepes

You can eat French crepes in two ways. Typically, you will have the sides only slightly folded or have them open if you order them at a sit-down restaurant or make them at home. On the other hand, crepes will usually be folded into a cone-like shape with the ingredients inside if you get them from a crepe stand.

Though they can get messy, takeaway crepes are a tasty treat, whether salée or sucrée. When you order something to go with crepes in France, you may typically not get a lot of napkins. As such, ensure that you have some tissue with you or ask for a few extra ones.

Crepes of Paris at Your Doorsteps

Like in the streets in Paris, you can now enjoy crepes with sweet and savory toppings 24 hours a day. With Crepes of Paris, you can now recreate the vibe of the streets of Paris at any time of the day. You can get a timely response of the best of French Cuisine served right in your home by Crepes of Paris in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

We have all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” yet many of us still don’t eat it. Most of us think it is just a waste of time, or aren’t hungry enough in the morning to consume it. We tend to just write it off as a useless time consuming meal. But are we wrong for doing so? Does eating breakfast have any real benefits? Actually yes, eating breakfast has a variety of health benefits.

Increased Metabolism

To start things off, breakfast helps increase your metabolism. By starting the day off with eating a good meal, you’re letting your body know that it can start burning calories. If you were to not consume breakfast your body assumes that it needs to conserve calories rather than burning them. 

This can lead to an increase in weight and a higher BMI, or Body Mass Index, and also bring about other unwanted health issues such as diabetes. Eating breakfast helps regulate insulin levels and can lower the risk of diabetes by as much as 50 percent. 

Regulating Weight

Eating breakfast can also help regulate weight by reducing hunger. Studies have found that eating breakfast can significantly reduce hunger and cravings throughout the day which can help to maintain a stable, healthy weight. Eating breakfast also allows for people to eat foods they might not normally such as fruits and oats. These foods can be extremely beneficial to your health as they contain vital nutrients.

Improving Moods

Breakfast can also help improve your mood and mind. Carbohydrates are a crucial element to staying healthy and are very commonly consumed for breakfast. Examples of carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy and aid almost every part of it. They especially help maintain healthy kidneys, heart muscles, and your central nervous system.

Brain Boosting

Carbohydrates have also been linked to increasing memory and cognitive function. Studies have found eating breakfast with high amounts of carbohydrates can improve your focus and information retaining abilities throughout the day. They also have been found to reduce stress and anxiety levels which can help to improve your mood. 

Perfect Twist On Event Fare

Breakfast at first might not seem like the most important meal of the day, but when you look at all the benefits it offers it’s hard not to agree that it is. Crepes Of Paris specializes in providing beautiful breakfasts for your event, any time of the day. Our personalized stations allow you to offer guests the benefits of breakfast foods at your next event or gathering. 

Let Crepes Of Paris bring your event to life by adding this important meal to your next gathering.

At Crepes of Paris, many of our catering customers come back again and again for our authentic and traditional French crepes. We offer a wide menu of sweet and savory crepes made with the traditional tools of the trade, rather than just flash-cooked in a common skillet.

However, along with this award-winning approach to traditional French cuisine, we also offer a range of other breakfast choices, because we know that every event and every dining audience is different. Here are some more of the choices that you have when working with Crepes of Paris to put forth a really great spread based on French culinary history. 

Omelet Stations

At our omelet stations, our chefs can create personalized omelet options for customers with proteins like diced ham, pulled pork, smoked salmon or turkey sausage, and vegetables like broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and fire-roasted peppers. We have an array of cheeses, as well as some very high-end condiments. For example, the Mediterranean flavors of the sauce known as ‘harissa’ are just now starting to become well known in the United States, and we include this option on our omelet menu.

In addition, our chefs can make eggs to order scrambled, sunny side up, over easy medium or hard, with the flair of an experienced culinary expert. 

The Waffle Station

The waffle is an international favorite. Familiar on the streets of Brussels, France or Spain, albeit under different names, the waffle is a versatile breakfast option. We maintain a waffle station that is included in your package, with toppings like Belgian chocolate ganache, candied pecans, white chocolate sauce, and lemon curd, a long-standing favorite.

Here’s another interesting part of our repertoire that surprises some diners: for those who want an American approach, we will also include fried chicken to make your savory waffles reminiscent of this delicious culinary custom from this side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Breakfast Buffet – Tailored Menus

Some customers love that customary breakfast buffet with the covered steam trays. We’re happy to offer this alternative as well, including protein choices like garlic and butter shrimp, panko-crusted fried chicken, and crispy bacon, as well as frittatas, eggs Benedict, French toast and a selection of authentic French pastries.
When you order our award-winning dining services from Crepes of Paris, you get a little bit of everything, in a traditional European breakfast context. It’s a mouthwatering array of flavors and aromas that are sure to delight your guests and satisfy even the pickiest palate – call us for your next event.

When you need a unique option for your catered event, Crepes of Paris can provide you with a wide range of amazing breakfast selections. Whether you’re catering a birthday brunch, a reception the morning after a wedding, or a corporate event, we can help make sure your guests are served in style. We can provide your guests with the following attractive options, as well as others:

Breakfast Buffet
We offer numerous breakfast buffet options so that you can find the perfect menu for any event. We can meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a formal brunch, a professional business affair, or a casual way to feed numerous people for a family reunion. We offer healthy food, hearty breakfast options, and unique menu items, ensuring everyone is satisfied with the foods available. In addition, our servers are familiar with a wide variety of serving styles, ranging from formal occasions to casual affairs. We’ll help make sure that everyone attending your event gets enough to eat while making sure that you make an amazing impression on each and every guest.

Crepes Station
Crepes are an amazingly elegant dish, for being surprisingly simple. Dress up your available options when you add on a crepes station, allowing guests to enjoy the best that this French dish has to offer.  Choose from a wide selection of fillings, and enjoy service by our professional team of French speakers. Transport your guests to Paris, enjoying some of the best breakfast options available.

Omelet Station
If you’d prefer a heartier option, add an omelet station to your catering service. Your guests can pick toppings from our vast selection of available ingredients. In addition, our chefs can also cook a variety of egg dishes to order, including scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, and more. The omelets are cooked individually in front of each guest, with them selecting individual ingredients to create the perfect dish.

Waffle Stations
Waffle stations let your guests add either a sweet or savory option to their meal, depending on their preference. For a truly hearty American breakfast, consider adding fried chicken to the menu for a Chicken and Waffles combo. Guests can select from a variety of toppings and items to add to their waffles. When you contract with Crepes of Paris for catering for your next event, you can provide guests with a variety of unique taste options and a meal that they’re sure to be talking about for years to come. If you’re looking to satisfy their appetites and their creativity, we can certainly assist. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of catering options we offer. We’ll help you make arrangements for your next event so that everyone is satisfied with the unique breakfast selections available. We bring a touch of France to your event in a way that no one else can.

Whether you’re meeting with guests for a bridal shower, or you want to serve a breakfast that everyone would remember, the best place to go is the Crepes Station in Los Angeles. At the Crepes Station, you can have breakfast any way you can think of. And with each of our stations, you can add new features to make your breakfast more delicious and enjoyable.

At Crepes of Paris, we are a catering firm that specializes in selling custom breakfast for events such as baby showers, bridal showers, and many other activities. An extensive breakfast that has everyone eating and enjoying their meal will get your team in the mood to help with the remaining events you have planned for the afternoon.

Despite our name,  Crepes of Paris offers multiple breakfast stations that can be added to your party to make your breakfast more complete. For example, we have a breakfast buffet bar that can be added to any meal. With the breakfast buffet bar, several things can be added to make your breakfast feel more acceptable.

The Breakfast Buffet Bar includes sweets for items such as Mini French Pastries

Butter Croissants and Chocolate Croissants. You can also enjoy Belgian Chocolate Cookies that are made with Homemade Chocolate cookies with the finest Belgian Chocolate. We even have  French Toast that can be served with Nutella or Maple syrup.

The same level of detail goes into other parts of creating the ultimate breakfast for bridesmaids and baby shower attendees. For example, we can sell up to a half dozen menu options for breakfast. Our fried eggs Ratatouille uses a French favorite with fried eggs. You can also go for traditional scrambled eggs. And nothing beats an egg with a hole in the middle. Using our breakfast, you can also get poached eggs benedict that uses an English muffin, Hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon. We also have a Veggie Frittata, which is made from seasonal veggies with eggs, cheese, and a dash of cream.

For the meats you add to your breakfast, it’s possible to get a full complement of all the meats you would like from Crepes of Paris. Your options would include items such as crispy bacon,

panko-crusted fried chicken, garlic, & butter Shrimp. You can also get great options for things such as turkey sausage and pulled pork.

You can expand on the options in the kitchen to ensure that everyone has their needs taken care of. The potato options can be used in several ways to make this part of your breakfast perfect for people who want to eat something without being wasteful. We also serve specialty platters that are a great way to a companion your breakfast. Even by adding one station to your Crepes of Paris deal, it’s enough to make your breakfast more memorable and enjoyable.

If you’re interested in getting help from Crepes of Paris when setting up a new event organization, make sure to send us a question where you can start ordering the things you would like to have available at your next custom breakfast. Be sure to inquire to discover our extensive buffet menu with more breakfast classics, innovative dishes, and smart pricing.

You can see all the ways Crepes of Paris can improve a custom breakfast by bringing in the most unusual items. We also have crepes stations, an omelet station, and a waffle station in mind that will help event organizers plan a fantastic breakfast.

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, and many people enjoy breakfast food for lunch and dinner, not only as their morning meal. The variety of food choices that breakfast offers has made this meal a favorite to serve at gatherings, receptions, and events of all types.  From the interactive fun of an omelette station to hearty full breakfast bars, breakfast is taking center stage at a host of both practical and lavish events.

Continental breakfasts have long been a popular choice for corporate events, meetings, and conferences, as the ease of this style of breakfast foods are filling and please a wide range of tastes.  Traditionally served in a low maintenance buffet style, the contintental breakfast menu is the most cost-effective of breakfast options, making it commonly served in hotels and convention settings.

Although many caterers offer two or three levels of options of choices for a continental breakfast bar, this array typically consists of juices, assorted baked breakfast breads, fruit, cereals and oatmeal, and coffee.  The ease of handheld breads such as bagels and muffins make this style of breakfast appropriate for meetings and gatherings where speakers will make presentations during the meal.

However, the breakfast niche is reaching far beyond the quaintness of the continental breakfast bar, into more refined offerings for the most special of occasions.  Breakfast stations are finding their way into venues such as wedding receptions and evening galas.  New concepts in food options and presentations are being showcased at events as guests are invited to interact with their meal preparations.

 Crepes of Paris, an innovative California catering company , offers breakfast station options that are designed for the finest of occasions.  Their crepe station elevates breakfast food to the next level, offering a variety of fillings and additions to beautifully hand made crepes.  But this French favorite is not the only star of the show, Crepes of Paris also offers waffles and omelette stations, breakfast buffets, and personalized menus for any occasion.

If your ideal meal is plated, breakfast can include hardy meats and starches such as steak and eggs with home fried potatoes, shrimp and grits, and the farmhouse favorite of country ham and biscuits with gravy.  Plated breakfast meals can spin the familiar into the extravagant, providing new twists on old favorites. There is simply something heartwarming and wholesome about breakfast, the comfort food that makes everyone feel satisfied and content.  Incorporating variations of breakfast foods into an event of any style, is a sure way to create a memorable and delicious experience for everyone.

The average business owner spends around 50 percent of their time in some type of meeting. Often times, these meetings are designed to discuss goals with employees or connect with clients. Instead of using the same formula every time you need to plan a meeting, focus on shaking things up a bit.

If you are looking for an exciting way to host a meeting, then hosting a business breakfast is a great idea. Providing the attendees of your meeting with great food and content is a winning recipe.

Are you looking for advice on how to plan a successful business breakfast? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

1. Great Food is a Staple of Business Breakfast Meetings

The main thing you need to do when planning out a business breakfast is to find the right catering company to work with. Usually, there will be a vast selection of catering companies to choose from. Before deciding on one, be sure consider what type of food they specialize in cooking.

Ideally, you want to choose a catering company that specializes in providing things like omelet bars, waffle stations and breakfast buffets. You will also need to ensure there is plenty of beverage options available for attendees of the meeting. Most people will want coffee during the meeting, which is why having plenty on tap is vital.

2. Schedule a Few Speakers

Are you using this business breakfast as a way to motivate and inspire your team? If so, scheduling a few speakers to provide presentations is a good idea. When choosing these speakers, be sure to find out about their background and whether or not it is in line with your industry. While you may have to pay a good speaker to attend the meeting it will be worth the investment.

Before the speaker arrives, encourage your team to write down a few questions to ask. This is a great way for employees to learn more from the speaker. Also, preparing in advance for these questions can keep the meeting moving along at an acceptable pace.

3. Focus on Creating Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of hosting a business breakfast is the networking opportunities these events can provide. Inviting other likeminded business owners to this event is essential when trying to make connections.

If you are looking for a way to encourage networking during the event, ask attendees to exchange business cards before the festivities get kicked off. Carving out an adequate amount of time during the business breakfast for mingling is also a great idea.

Failing to plan out this event in detail can lead to things spiraling out of control. Instead of dealing with the negative consequences this can present, work with your team to develop an adequate plan of action.

A Great Business Breakfast Makes a Lasting Impression

Planning and executing a memorable business breakfast is no easy task. Working with event planners and catering professionals is the best way to reduce the stress you encounter during this planning process.

Crepes of Paris has been a mainstay for customers in the Los Angeles/Orange County area to experience authentic traditional French cuisine in a way that you can’t get elsewhere. Chef Yuri and his team are dedicated to providing a unique catering experience, and it shows. Our customers love our menu, which is driven by a deep understanding of how traditional French crepes are made. You’re not going to get a dressed-up pancake with some cheap cheese inside it. We work according to the principles that have made our company the leader that it is in the local culinary scene.

Take one of the most fundamental parts of French cuisine – cheeses.

We utilize traditional cheeses like gruyere and emmenthal and swiss, along with the right types of pairings, to really create the flavors that give you the best authentic experience.

Melted emmenthal cheese with tomatoes and onions or swiss cheese with seasoned ground beef and russet potatoes or baked ham and white mushrooms are examples of the kinds of flavor combinations we put together to ‘show and tell’ the culinary experience that French cuisine is based on. Many of our clients have a rudimentary understanding of emmenthal, for example, as a classically French cheese – but we make these recipes come alive!

We utilize these cheeses quite a lot in our savory menu, and they melt to perfection in our breakfast and dinner crepes.

Working with cheese requires a knowledge of flavor pairings, but it also requires some experience with handling the ingredients, whether that relates to applying heat or integrating them into a crepe in a particular volume.

All of this combines to give our customers the best value.

We also use specialty proteins and other key ingredients in a high-end crepe menu:

To see how we treat scallops and shrimp in the crepe-making process, take a look at our menu to discover some of the traditional and modern tastes that help us to make music on your plate.

In fact, at the web site, you can see at a glance how we have approached our own culinary tradition over the years, enhancing so many local events and gatherings with top-quality, detail-oriented catering in the French style. That’s what brings so many first-timers back to our award-winning menu and why we are often booked on busy weekends. Please call ahead!

With an authentic approach, a dedication to quality ingredients, and a top reputation for customer service, we are one of the most popular L.A. caterers in the area for parties, work events, banquets and more. Get in touch with us at Crepes of Paris through our easy booking department and get convenient setups for your event today. We are happy to arrive on the scene, wish you a “bon soir” and roll up our sleeves to give you a meal to remember!

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